About Us

Border Hydro Ltd Experience


Miles Postlethwaite used to work for Windharvester Ltd, one of the then British wind turbine manufacturers specialising in medium and small machines. He gained valuable and unique experience with self-contained systems, often involving a wind turbine linked to a water turbine, providing power to remote communities, far away from any mains supply. When that company ceased to trade in 1994, Miles created Border Hydro, initially to provide servicing and technical support for existing Windharvester installations. As time went by, however, Border Hydro has modified some of these installations using our lengthy experience to make design improvements to both the machinery and control electronics.

What We Do:

Border Hydro can provide off-the-shelf wind and water turbines complete with their control gear or one-off systems to suit a customer's special needs. Twenty years ago we began servicing wind turbines and more recently have diversified into installation and servicing micro-hydro energy systems. We are available to give advice, install and service small scale wind, micro-hydro and hybrid systems throughout the UK and off-shore islands. Border Hydro strongly believes in the benefits of using renewable natural resources. The UK is estimated to have 40% of the wind energy source in Europe. Our maritime climate provides us with an opportunity to use natural energy sources that will help cut the emissions of CO2 that cause global warming.