Off-Grid Systems

Battery Systems

We offer bespoke system design to suit your needs. Starting with your energy requirements, we design a system that can deliver the required peak output with the correct storage capacity to suit the charging source.

Lead acid batteries require a multi-stage charging process starting with a bulk charge and finishing off with a float charge. This means a diesel engine may end up running for hours while only trickling power into the float stage of a charge cycle. Paring renewable energy charging sources with lead-acid batteries works well. An alternative is to use Lithium type battery packs. Lithium batteries are used widely in electric cars, drills, garden battery operated tools etc... Although the battery demand has increased, the manufacturing processes have been refined resulting in stable prices for now!

Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery

Lead acid batteries are still cheaper than lithium technology.

As a rule of thumb a lead acid battery bank can be discharged to 50% before requiring a recharge. Compared to Lithium batteries, which can be discharged to around 90% depth of discharge. Lead acid batteries are still around half the price of lithium when comparing usable storage.