Water Turbines


From initial site visit to commissioning and handover we offer a turn-key solution to hydro-electric (and micro/pico-hydro) installations.

Grid connected and off-grid alike we design, build, install and commission systems.

We are proud to have installed the world renowned Gilkes systems (of Kendal) as well as our very own hydro turbines!

What's The Process?

1) What potential do you have? this can be measured and calculated.

The formula for power is L x M x G (L=Litres, M=Meters, G=Gravity).

[e.g. a site with 10L/s and a head of 100M has 10x100x9.81=9.81kW of available power, after losses, which is typically around 35% the expected electrical output would be around 6.3kW].

2)Environment Agency (SEPA in Scotland) need to be consulted and an abstraction licence and impoundment licence gained.

3)Flood defence consent. on smaller rivers and tributaries this is the job of the local council. Larger (main) rivers are handled by the EA / SEPA.

4) Grid connection. If you are planning to produce electricity that is going back into the mains supply then grid connection permission is required. Your DNO (District Network Operator) needs to check that their grid can handle the power you plan on exporting to the grid.

5) Planning permission is required to excavate a pipe into the ground and build a small turbine house.

Micro Hydro Schemes

Specialising in small hydro schemes we tend to work in with the customer to advise on the system specification and supply our customer with the instructions that allows them to undertake as much of the civils work as they feel they can do. Whether its simply excavating site, trenching pipe, casting concrete or building the turbine house we are happy to advise and supply components giving our customer more options. For customers that have no interest in helping with the build we offer a turn-key solution.

Grid Connection

Grid connection permissions are sometimes difficult to get as most renewable energy sites are in the countryside. Sometimes it is necessary to have a new connection installed to handle the additional power from your embedded generation source. Alternatively it is now possible to have batteries installed to store the energy produced by the renewable energy source.

Turbine House

We have designed and built various turbine houses made from wood, blocks, stone face, tin sheets etc..

This particular building has two rooms, a high Voltage room containing a substation and the main room containing the water turbine.