Micro Water Turbine Systems

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Create Your Own Hydro Power

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If you have a significant water flow on your property you may be able to generate power from it with one of our wide range of impulse and reaction turbines.

A "significant flow" can be anything from a small stream with a large drop to a large, slow-flowing body of water.

Obviously, a large amount of water falling from a great height has the potential to produce a large amount of electricity, but even a small stream can provide most or all the needs of a single house. In this case we store the power in a battery bank and then feed the output through an inverter to give high quality 230 volt AC power.

The system is flexible, allowing you to modify it at any time by perhaps adding a solar panel or back-up diesel generator. Some people run a hybrid wind / water system using a wind turbine in parallel with a water turbine.

Should the turbine just be needed to provide heating then there is no need to go to the expense of having batteries and an inverter.

Once we know your requirements and the potential of your water resource we can quote you for a system tailor made to your needs.