Westwind 20kW Wind Turbine

20kW Specifications Summary

Rated Wind speed 14m/s
Power at rated wind speed 20kW
Cut-in wind speed 2.77m/s
Maximum power output 22.74kW
Sound at wind speed 8m/s 100m 45 dBA
Sound Penalty None
BWEA Reference Annual Energy @ 5m/s 28,095kWh
Turbine Head Wt 840Kg
Blade diameter 10.2m
Blade Wt 88 kg/ set
Blade sweep area 81.67m2
Overspeed Protection Auto tail furl
Blade Material Fibreglass/ Carbon Fibre
Winding Type 3Ph star connected
Voltages Available 1 ph 240v 3ph 400-440v
Magnetic Material Ne - Fe - B

Power Curve

Annual Energy Production

Noise Report

Cost Estimate (example)

The illustration above assumes 18m tower, unobstructed rural site, 50% of energy exported to grid, and 50% of energy for own use. Turbine performance and installation costs are site dependent and actual figures may vary. The NOABL wind database predicts average wind conditions over a 1km2 area which may contain hills and valleys. If your site is on a hill, your mean wind may be better than indicated and conversely if it is in a valley or is otherwise obstructed your mean wind may be lower. For greater level of cetainty, it is recommended that onsite wind speed monitoring be undertaken for at least a year. The figures above are based on MCS Estimated Annual Energy Production (AEP). In the production of these figures there is a Standard Uncertainty in AEP. Please refer to section 3.0 in 20kW Westwind MCS Certification Report. These figures are given as guidance only and should not be considered as a guarantee