Kingspan Wind Turbines

Peaking at 6kW & Producing around 11,000 units of electricity per year


Kingspan are a Scottish company with a vast knowledge in small scale wind turbines and produce the most robust and simple turbine in the micro market.

Cost of an installation

It must be stressed that the figures below are a guide only. Each system we install is unique and therefore costs vary.

The prices quoted below excludes VAT, the cost of civil works, planning application charges and any charges that may be levied by your District Network Operator (DNO) for grid connection.

Planning Packs

We can supply planning packs containing the information your planning authority needs. These can be downloaded from our web site, emailed or posted to you. Additional planning information may be needed, we will support you through the planning process, just ask us.


Again, we can supply all the instructions. You can install or we can offer a full turn-key job.

Turbine size

Height to hub

Grid connect

Battery system

6kW Kingspan

9 metres



6kW Kingspan

15 metres




To keep the warranty valid and annual service is required and must be undertaken by a Kingspan approved person. Border Hydro Ltd can provide servicing during and after the warranty period. If you would like to learn how to service your own turbine after the warranty period we will support you and give you back-up.

Installation Costs

Foundations/Civil works - These can be done by yourself or your local builder. We find this way helps to keep the cost down and also provides work for local people. Border Hydro will supply specifications and full instructions or we can offer a full turn-key job if you prefer. VAT is charged at 5% for domestic and many community installations on the turbine, associated equipment and civil works, but NOT on diesel generators. The standard VAT rate applies to other sectors.

Additional Information

Kingspan turbines are rated according to the power they generate in a wind speed of 12 metres per second, which is a strong wind. Kingspan wind turbines start to produce power in a wind speed as low as 2.5 metres per second.

Kingspan wind turbines can be connected directly to the national grid (grid con) or used in a 'stand alone' environment (off-grid) for use where mains power is not accessible (Islands, remote farms etc..).