High Head Stream Engine


Capable of 1.5kW with two nozzles. These type of turbines run on a head ranging from four feet up to hundreds of feet.

The perminent magnet generator (PMG) is connected directly onto the shaft of the water turgo wheel. This means the generator has no bearings or brushes, fiewer wearing parts makes for a longer design life and heigher efficiency.

The generator is made up from two 'three-phase' generators. These generators can be stacked in series or parallel to create the desired output Voltage. With a built in rectifier the output Voltage is DC, making it possible to connect directly to a battery bank or a grid-tie inverter.

Head can be anything between 2 and 100+ meters

For a system example of a high head stream engine please look in our 'case studies' section.

The Stream Engine

The Stream Engine is a small (1.5kW) water turbine that can be configured electrically to give a variety of Voltages for use in many applications. As can be seen in the picture here, the magnet plate (on top) rotates with the runner to generate electricity in the generator (the black section). The generator is potted up in a resin to shield it from any damage. The generator wires are terminated in the box attached to the side of the unit for easy wiring and configuration. In the DC (battery) type the rectifier is also housed in this box. There are two nozzles (shown here in white) on this system but it will run on a single nozzle for low water sites. The water flow keeps the rectifier cool against the cast body of the Stream Engine making it a neat little all-in-one unit

Stream Engine Kit

We manufacture control panels that can be directly connected to this water turbine making a complete system, which we install and sell on as a kit.

This chart shows the power output of a stream engine in varying head and flow conditions

* the 'gpm' is US, not UK.