Nautilus Water Turbine

Low Head Turbine

Nautilus turbines are designed and built in America to operate on heads from 1 metre to 20 metres and develop up to 20 kW. Nautilus built its first propeller turbine, designed by a professional engineer, in 1981. All of the Nautilus designs are based on turbines formerly manufactured for the hydroelectric industry and reduced in dimensions for home and village applications. The most economical Nautilus designs are suitable for on off operation without part flow regulation. These turbines can be applied where an excess of flow is available or installed in pairs to be turned on and off to match available flow. The regulated designs can be supplied with controls which will track the available water supply and automatically turn the unit on and off to maintain pond levels and minimum stream flow to reduce environmental impact and optimize production.

The turbine in the picture produces around 2.5kW of power, enough to power around five houses (excluding heating).