Nautilus - CMC Type & 'T' Type Open Flume

'T' Type Open Flume

The "T" Type is the most powerful open flume turbine built by Nautilus. This unregulated design produces from 500 watts to 3,300 watts with a head range from 1 meter to 3.7 meters. Often two or three units are installed to match stream flow variation or the "T" is installed in combination with the Regulated CMC. For large open flume environments, where it is not possible to drain the pit, an optional cylinder gate is installed to shut down the turbine. The "T" is produced from the same high quality materials as the entire Nautilus line of turbines.

'CMC' Type Open Flume

The regulated CMC operates in a similar power range as the 660 in an open flume (up to 1500 watts). However, the CMC offers better part gate regulation and efficiency. This 200 mm Francis turbine is made from stainless steel, bronze and cast iron. The heavy duty bearing configuration matches that found in the Type 660. This robust design was manufactured by 3 three different companies in the US until 1940. Over 4000 were installed in the US and around the world.

Nautilus Turbines

Nautilus Turbines are designed and built in America to operate on heads from 1 meter to 20 meters and develop up to 20 kW. Nautilus built its first regulated propeller turbine in 1981. All of the designs are based on turbines formerly manufactured for the hydroelectric industry and reduced in size for home and commercial applications. The most economical Nautilus designs are suitable for on-off operation without part flow regulation. These turbines can be applied where an excess of flow is available or installed in pairs to be turned on and off to match available flow. The regulated designs can be supplied with electrical controls to track available water supply and automatically turn the unit on and off to maintain pond levels or minimum stream flow. This reduces environmental impact and optimises production by increasing turbine efficiency.