Battery & Grid-Tie Inverters

Outback battery inverter (inverter/charger)
SMA build grid-tie & off-grid inverters for use in all locations and systems
Off-grid/battery inverters designed for use in remote locations

Battery Chargers and Grid Connect Inverters

Battery inverters are for off-grid/mobile use whereas grid connect inverters are used to connect the embedded generator (wind, solar, hydro power) to the mains electricity supply. We use inverters as part of our complete systems, however, after being asked to supply inverters separately we have decided to make this page to illustrate what we have on offer.

Inverters come in all shapes and sizes so to make sense of them we have categorised them into two sections, 'grid connect' and 'battery' inverters.

Grid Connect Inverters: grid tie inverters are used to connect an embedded generator to the national grid (or mini grid). For example, a Kingspan wind turbine can easily be connected to the national grid (hydro grid in Scotland) using a grid connect inverter. This means that any power produced by the wind turbine will serve the building it's connected to before exporting the excess power to the grid.

Battery Inverters: battery inverters are usually used in remote locations and are powered by batteries that are charged by a renewable source (e.g. wind turbine, water turbine, solar panels) or a diesel generator. However, some people who have regular power cuts use these inverters as a means of uninterruptible power supplies