Small Display Panel (TS320)

Small readouts are available - ideal for reception areas and the office wall

The budget solution to public and private displays for connection to any electrical system. The TS320 display is the smallest in our display range, measuring 166mm high, 400mm wide and 35mm deep. The display has three readouts, ‘Power’ (in Watts, kW or MW), ‘CO2 Saved’ (in kg or tonnes) and ‘Energy’ (in kWh or MWh).

RRP £550.00 (ex VAT)

There are two interfaces to the standard display, power and pulsed input. The power supply requires a mains socket and gives 7.5Volts DC output to the display (similar to a mobile phone charger).  The pulsed output from the kWh (energy) meter is a two wire signal which the display counts to calculate the power (kW), energy (kWh) and CO2 saved/used (kg).

The pulsed output from the meter should be around 100 pulses per kWh. This allows the display to give an accurate reading.  Some meters give 1pulse/kWh, which is not adequate for this display.

The signal cable that connects the kWh meter to the display should be a 'twisted pair' type. We use CAT5 or CAT6 cable as it's cheap and easy to install. Most CAT cable comes with four pairs; the display input only requires one pair so there will be three pairs not connected.

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