TS1000 Display Panel

Suitable for Wind, Water, Solar or any other electrical production system

The TS-1000 series displays are available in varying cabinet sizes, LED digit sizes and number of readouts for indoor and outdoor use. Typical size is 900mm x 900mm with 50mm high readouts.

We can supply a standard graphic or one personalised to the customer's requirements. We can also supply dimensions for the customer to create their own.

This display comes with a flying lead/flex cable for direct connection to the mains (3A fused supply). It has an internal memory so data is not lost during power cuts.

The input signal to this display should be a pulse from an energy meter. This display is configurable to a variety of pulse rates to suit most meters. Most systems use 100imp/kWh or 1000imp/kWh.

There are two interfaces to the standard display, power and pulsed input. The power supply requires a mains socket. The pulsed output from the kWh (energy) meter is a two wire signal which the display counts to calculate the power (kW), energy (kWh) and CO2 saved/used (kg).

The pulsed output from the meter should be around 100 pulses per kWh. This allows the display to give an accurate reading. Some meters give 1pulse/kWh, which is not adequate for this display.
Retail Price £1275 ex VAT + Del