Electricity Generation Display Systems

For those awkward customers that have specific design requirements we can design to a spec-
We supply meters which can be connected directly to public display panels.
Larger display units are often required for public sites where they need to be read from a distance
Small display suitable for personal or commercial use

Wind Turbine Display Panel

Border Hydro design, build, install and commission display panels for private or public viewing. Please contact us to find out more about our increasing range of display systems. We can tailor make any size of display to suit your needs. We fit round your graphic design as well as design graphics for you. Choose from our range of standard graphics for a simple solution and quick delivery/ installation.

Small Public/Personal Display Panel:

This is a TS-320 display panel. It is 405mm x 170mm x 45mm in size with 20mm high digits/readouts making it readable up to 8 metres away. People generally use these displays on their wind, hydro or solar power systems. They can also be used to display what the building is consuming. The graphic on the front can be custom designed to display the correct readout units and photographs, titles, text etc...

Large Public Display Panel:

The TS-1000 series displays are available in varying cabinet sizes, LED digit sizes and number of readouts for indoor and outdoor use. We can supply a standard graphic or one personalised to the customers requirements. We can also supply dimensions for the customer to create their own.

Personalise Your Display Graphic!

Select from our range of standard graphics, or design your own, email it to us and we will have it printed and applied to the front of your new display panel. For those who don't want the hassle of designing their own graphic, we can design one to your specifications to be approved by you prior to printing