TS6000/300 Control Panel

Border Hydro Ltd TS6000 (suitable for Kingspan 6kW grid connect wind turbines)

Dimensions W H D, 300 x 400 x 200mm
Mains isolator (rotary, lockable in the off position)
Wind turbine isolator (rotary, lockable in the off position)
3-phase rectifier (60Amp rating)
Voltmeter (analogue, easy to read)
Ammeter (analogue, easy to read)
DC cartridge fuse (complete with spare fuse)
Door interlock for added safety (switch off to open)
Pre-drilled gland plate (4 x 20mm)

6kW Control Panel wiring

Wind power comes in on three phases through a mechanical switch and a contactor before being rectified into DC power.  The DC power is then fed into a fuse ready for the inverter connection.  An ammeter and voltmeter are also installed to help the user understand what is happening. The 'Over Voltage Protection Device' senses two of the three phases from the wind turbine and activates the contactor when the Voltage is sufficiently low. This device is mains powered.