Micro Water Turbine

Stream Engine

The Stream Engine is a nice solution to a cost effective hydro project, with its light weight it can be shipped back for service/repair and moved/installed with ease.

Because their output is limited to 1.5kW per turbine, multiple turbines are often used in a single system. This has the added advantage of having good water flow control. In many sites the water flow rate varies seasonally, and finding a water turbine that will perform through the range of flow rates is often difficult. With a multiple Stream Engine installation it is simple to turn the nozzles off one at a time until the correct water flow is achieved. This way the user will maintain maximum power output from the water and save on machine running hours. Also, it's possible to service one turbine whilst using another to maintain power production.

Mechanical Installation

Here we have three stream engines in the same installation. The power produced is used to charge a battery bank which, in turn, is used to supply power to a house. The house has a mains electricity supply already, however it is now only used as a backup to the water power.

Electrical Installation

Each turbine has two nozzles so there are six valves in total. These valves are controlled 'on' and 'off' using electrical actuators. By having the ability to control the valve positions, the system is able to maintain maximum power from the available water source.

Water Intake

The water intake part of the system is more than a box on the end of a pipe. We have modified our designs over the years by working with other fluid engineers and we believe we now have a robust design that screens stones, leaves and twigs whilst keeping air entrainment to a minimum