1. Hydro Turbines

    Hydro Turbines High head or low head systems we have installed both. Some run in parallel with the grid exporting surplus power to the national grid system whilst others provide power for remote, isolated locations. Read more

    Hydro Schemes
  2. Wind Turbines

    Wind Turbines We might be called Border Hydro but we have lots of experience installing small scale wind turbines. We have installed well over 100 small scale turbines. Their uses vary from domestic households to business applications. We also have an excellent understanding and experience of the challenges of off-grid power systems and can integrate the various renewable technologies with existing diesel systems. Read more

    Wind Turbines
  3. Control Panels

    Custom Control Panel We offer G59 panels of any size suitable to run in conjunction with all renewable technologies. We have standard prices for the smaller sizes – we can cope with different voltages and add any special requirements. Find out what you need and we can quote you Read more

    Control Systems
    Control Systems
  4. Control Systems

    Control Systems We can offer bespoke control systems to integrate different renewable technologies on the one site. Systems can be designed for grid connected systems or off-grid properties. We can talk to you about your ideas and specific requirements and design a system to suit you. Read more


Water and Wind Turbines - System Design, Installation and Maintenance.


Our staff have over 35 years combined experience installing wind turbines throughout Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland. Most of our installations are connected to the utility grid, but we are also known for being specialists in off-grid or “stand-alone” systems on remote sites where there is no mains power available. We can assess your unique situation and design and supply a system to fit your exact requirements.


If you have a suitable stream or river you should be making use of this valuable source of energy. Border Hydro can supply a range of turbines and controllers to give you the optimum system for your site. Take a look at our hydro page or contact us for more information.

Control Panels

We design and build custom control panels for all manner of systems both for our own installations or for other installers, e.g. G59 panels etc. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll be pleased to supply a solution for you.